Welcome to the application form for FCA authorised and regulated intermediaries (including principals of Appointed Representatives or a network).

Before you begin the application process, please take the time to read Bupa's Commission Policy for Intermediaries, Terms of Business Agreement for General Business as you'll be asked to confirm you’ve read and will adhere to this before you can proceed with your application.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email thirdpartiescontrolhub@bupa.com. (Please be aware information submitted to us by email is normally unprotected until it reaches us). 

If the applicant firm is an Appointed Representative of a principal or network please Click Here.

If the applicant firm wishes to enter into any other form of third party relationship with us, please email thirdpartiescontrolhub@bupa.com and a Bupa representative will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

1. Have you read Bupa's Commission Policy for intermediaries: Terms of Business Agreement for General Business, and do you confirm that the applicant firm will adhere to them?*
2. Is the applicant firm directly authorised by the FCA?*
3. Does the applicant firm hold both of the following FCA permissions?*

a. Arranging (bringing about) deals in investments; and
b. Making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments.
4. Does the applicant firm have the appropriate FCA permissions for all other regulated activities it proposes to carry out?*
5. Does the applicant firm comply with all relevant FCA regulation applicable to the activities it carries out?*
6. Is the applicant firm or are any Directors (or Partners, if applicable) at the applicant firm subject to any sanctions, or been subject to any sanctions in the past?*
7. Are any of the services that the applicant firm will provide to your clients in respect of Bupa and/or any Bupa products by, or through, the applicant firm, sourced from a country subject to US, UK or EU sanctions?*

If you do not meet any of the eligibility criteria above you will be unable to progress with your application.

Should you wish to discuss any elements of this further please email thirdpartiescontrolhub@bupa.com and a Bupa representative will be in touch

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